At VW Transporters we love Citroen Vans. With a great range of vans to choose from, all with cracking deals, which Citroen is right for you?

Citroen Nemo

There’s a lot to love about the smallest biggest van by Citroen, from the affordable price tag and the chunky good looks, to record beating fuel efficiency & C02 emissions figures down to its surprising practicality.

The Citroen Nemo is a city supermini crossed with a van with surprising loading capacity – perfect for navigating inner city streets. Measuring only 3.864m the Nemo can take loads up to 2.491m long, and has a total load volume of 2.8 metres cubed, as well as a 590kg payload. Getting loads in and out is made easy with asymmetric rear swing doors, a low load sill & large sliding side doors. This makes it a true van, capable of doing real van things. What makes the Nemo so special is it’s also a city car. It does a very frugal combined run achieving up 60mpg and as little as 109g/km C02 emissions. The little Nemo is larger than a hatchback van, but it might not be large enough for you. It feels cheap, but that’s because it is cheap. If you can see yourself driving a Citroen Nemo then we can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t.


Citroen Berlingo

For the price of a supermini, we say the Citroen Berlingo works best as a family car on a budget. It may look like a van but it is as refined and civilised as any small MPV and with the right seating arrangement can take seven people with ease. It leans and rolls less than you would expect from a van, although perhaps more than you would expect from a car. There’s also a utilitarian quality feel to be found here. If however you plan to use it as a van we recommend you go for the beefier diesel engine to lung the larger, heavier loads you could fit in the Berlingo compared to the Nemo.


Citroen Dispatch

The Citroen Dispatch carries on the trend of marrying car and van. Conceived as a joint effort with Fiat & Peugeot, the Dispatch is nearly identical to the Peugeot Expert & Fiat Scudo, however being a Citroen you’re much more likely to find the best deal on the Dispatch. Choosing the larger engines and larger bodies the Dispatch can compete with the Transit & Transporter from rivals Ford & Volkswagen and we think the rakish looks of the dispatch make it by face the more attractive option. Our verdict – If you’re going with a smaller sized Dispatch, take a look at the more car like Berlingo.


Citroen Relay

The largest van offered by Citroen and a more versatile option than Ford & Volkswagen’s Transit & Transporter. The relay was once again a joint effort with Fiat & Peugeot but we believe that you’ll find more value with the relay than with the similar Ducato or Boxer. The largest in class you can fit a great deal into these vans, and they have been heavily tested by Citroen who put in long miles of heavy use. If you’re conducting heavy duty moving then the Relay may well be the sensible choice. Our only concern is it doesn’t drive as well as the competition, be it from Ford & Volkswagen or the other Citroens on our list.